Say what?: Translations of the Universe

Some call it jazz;
The Universe calls it music.

Some focus on what they don’t what;
The Universe calls it “ok this is what you do want so we’ll give it to you”.

Some take from others what doesn’t belong to them;
The Universe calls it karma.

Some make allowances for mean-spirited, nasty beings because “oh, but they’re family”;
The Universe calls it chaotic evil.

Some think their opinions matter;
The Universe calls it like-attracts-like energy.

Some believe that their cultural and religious beliefs are the gospel;
The Universe calls it null and void.

Some do only that which serves the greater good for the planet they’re on;
The Universe calls it Divine Love.

Image Source: NASA

Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul

Bring on the words of power,
Affirm your truth and raise your vibrations,
Let go of the stuff that turns life sour,
Wave your hands in the air, sun salutations.

Happiness is right there, within you,
Can’t be found outside you, truth be told,
Step back from the madness, and take a pew,
Then stand your ground, no less than bold.

Your goals are easier to achieve than you think,
Close your eyes and visualise,
On cue with your intuition, make the link,
Dreams are real, no need to buy into lies.

Got to follow your passions,
Money ain’t your daily dough,
Heart and soul always, not monetary rations,
Here to touch lives, just so you know.