Storytry: When Candy Lips Lost Her Sweet Tooth Habit

Is it poetry? Is it a story?’s storytry – a mixture of poetry and story with a moral to the tale…

There was a young lady nicknamed Candy Lips,
Who liked nothing more than sweet tea and sweeties,
Fruit chews, toffees, honeycomb and sherbert pips,
She had a taste for sugar and an eye for the cuties.

After waking and before bed, she brushed her teeth twice a day,
But that was neither here nor there, the real issue being the pattern and habit.
Everyday she stopped by the local grocery store, for sure, never possibly or may,
Then one day she saw a “cutie” outside who offered her one of his Tangfastics, then took a stab-at-it.

A thud, a splatter and a splosh – Candy Lips’ grocery bag fell to the ground,
As she knelt down to gather her groceries, the mean guy took off with her handbag,
It wasn’t her belongings that she was upset to lose, but that he had violated her defenses like a tainted blood hound,
Candy Lips’ stomach churned, the sweet taste had turned more than sour, hurt like a punchbag.

A grocery assistant called the police and offered Candy Lips a sweet tea and a digestive biscuit as she sat on a cashier’s stool,
“NO…thank you,” hailed Candy Lips, adamant that she would no longer be clueless nor ditsy,
From that day onwards she vowed to curb her sweet tooth, not be fooled by appearances and to pay attention only to her inner guidance system – no more the fool,
Candy Lips’ life got better each and every day, she was able to have new experiences and be consciously aware all the time instead of just those rare moments, itsy bitsy.

© Medeacine

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