Poem: Praise Be for Wetlands

On the wets of South-West London,
Natives returned – voles, geese and otters,
Reclaiming the Thames water dungeon,
With the assistance of conservation Harry Potters.

“Let’s turn it into wetlands”, said the barnacle goose,
A native of Svalbard, offering it’s Norsk wisdom.
“Yes” agreed the water vole. [Btw it’s not a rat, moose].
“Sure,” said the otter. “Easy peasy, it’s no conundrum”.

Bamboo, reeds, water lilies flew in,
Natives from further afield responded to the calls.
Reverse the Thames’s industrial workings, that’s no sin,
Cooperation in full effect, no time for brawls.

A natural “wonder of the world” the wetlands is not.
A natural and normal part of this world – yes, yes it is.
Natural flood defense, carbon storer, it has got,
Pollutant trapper, water purifier, this one’s a whizz.

105-acres once again home to wildlife and wetlands,
A testament to the two and more-legged working in unity,
Beautiful and peaceful, just like the Shetlands,
It too a shining example of climate change immunity.

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