Poem: House of Unity

Best friends on a roll,
Spoken word a rare thing,
All about heart and soul,
Not puppets on a string,
One-2-one relays, block the mole,
Telepathic speed dial, ring-a-ping-ping.

Strike a chord,
That’s right, I on keys, you on bass,
Harmonious rhythms, pause only to raise a sword.
We back in the manor, pick up the pace,
You on drums now, me on the gourd,
Finish off with a fish supper, chips’n’plaice.

Open house for us and our crew,
One on the decks spinning records,
Another in the kitchen, cookin’ up spicy beef stew,
There’s chanting in the backroom, destroying unwanted cords,
One in magickal silence, another meditates for a few,
Peace and prosperity, all in accords.

Each doing different things, yet still attuned,
To one another’s voices,
Some of us crooned, some of us harpooned,
For these connections we’re grateful, ’nuff rejoices,
Always one for eternity, heal that wound,
Highly blessed, ain’t no need for Rolls Royces.

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