Poem: Gratitude

Make time for and give gratitude…Blocks the intentions of the ineptitude,Balances out the excessive cattitude,Brings justice to the blood feud,Ensures projects reach that time to conclude,It’s the only one worth having, you know…attitude,Helps Gaia heal herself in quantities of magnitude.

Poem: Know Thy Enemy

You’ve read the stories,Watched the movies,Now take heed of the warning,Of those who can’t stop singing their illusionary glories,Slimy, slippery and a scent like yesterday’s sushi,Face them with your truth, sense them scorning. Egos higher than endless storeys,Bragging about diamonds, pearls and rubies,Psychic vampires….zzzz. Nah, they just goddamn’ boring,Trying to snatch others’ inventories,Can’t pull a […]

Poem: Bard to the Bone

Spitting bars in his mama’s wombA bonafide wordsmith, profusely sweating rhymes“What are you? Make up your mind” olde fart English-Lit teacher asked, for his crimesCan’t fit this brother into a tomb. Some sit in a lecture hall poncing over ProustWhile Ed’s ticked off TikTok with his YouTube comedy shortsSome laugh, some cry, some get on […]

Short Story: The Lady of Zac’s Dreams by Rosa Medea

Zac strutted down the Harrow Road rather hurriedly, especially since he was “gagging for a drink” as he had informed his friend who was hanging on the other end of his mobile phone. The heels on his chelsea boots did a tap dance, while his West London swagger was attracting quite the attention of some […]

Storytry: When Candy Lips Lost Her Sweet Tooth Habit

Is it poetry? Is it a story? No..it’s storytry – a mixture of poetry and story with a moral to the tale… There was a young lady nicknamed Candy Lips,Who liked nothing more than sweet tea and sweeties,Fruit chews, toffees, honeycomb and sherbert pips,She had a taste for sugar and an eye for the cuties. […]

Poem: The Storyteller

Have an idea,Put it into action,1,2,3 steps forward, my dear,Easier than fractions. Gracefully, roll with it,Don’t run it off a cliff,Stop…come back later, candle’s already lit,This is the start of a new hieroglyph. Let go of the rush,This isn’t a hectic newsroom,Express the truth, no hush hush,Less of the Zoom, more of the va-va-voom. Relax […]

Poem: Praise Be for Wetlands

On the wets of South-West London,Natives returned – voles, geese and otters,Reclaiming the Thames water dungeon,With the assistance of conservation Harry Potters. “Let’s turn it into wetlands”, said the barnacle goose,A native of Svalbard, offering it’s Norsk wisdom.“Yes” agreed the water vole. [Btw it’s not a rat, moose].“Sure,” said the otter. “Easy peasy, it’s no […]

Poem: House of Unity

Best friends on a roll,Spoken word a rare thing,All about heart and soul,Not puppets on a string,One-2-one relays, block the mole,Telepathic speed dial, ring-a-ping-ping. Strike a chord,That’s right, I on keys, you on bass,Harmonious rhythms, pause only to raise a sword.We back in the manor, pick up the pace,You on drums now, me on the […]

Say what?: Translations of the Universe

Some call it jazz;The Universe calls it music. Some focus on what they don’t what;The Universe calls it “ok this is what you do want so we’ll give it to you”. Some take from others what doesn’t belong to them;The Universe calls it karma. Some make allowances for mean-spirited, nasty beings because “oh, but they’re […]

Poem: Living Life With Heart & Soul

Bring on the words of power,Affirm your truth and raise your vibrations,Let go of the stuff that turns life sour,Wave your hands in the air, sun salutations. Happiness is right there, within you,Can’t be found outside you, truth be told,Step back from the madness, and take a pew,Then stand your ground, no less than bold. […]